About Us

 Waydia Hughes is a christian, wife, and mother of three. She migrated from the Island of Jamaica to the United Sates at the age of seventeen. Waydia is a Registered Nurse who also holds a BS is Psychology; a testament to her service and compassion towards humanity. She spent most of her adult life working in the medical field.

However, in her younger years on the Island of Jamaica, she worked alongside her mother to develop and grow her clothing store. As a result, she developed a passion for business and fashion. After migrating to the US her first job was in a mall working at a clothing store. Then several years later she worked for Dillards where she became one of the top sales person in her department. As a result, her entrepreneurial spirit, her love for fashion, and her daughter Sarah-Danielle embracement of modest fashion has inspired her to search the world to find elegant, beautiful, modesty apparel for her and every  woman and girl who desires to embrace modesty in the twenty first century. 

Our Mission: Her mission is to provide elegant and modesty apparel at an affordable price point for her family, women and girls locally and globally. 

Our Vision: Her vision is to create a lucrative revenue source to provide for support her family, to help with the advancement and enlargement of the kingdom of God locally and globally, and to finance her philanthropic goals around the world.

Thanks for your support of our brand!